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BRAHMA CONTROL BOXES CM191, SM191, SM192, CM381, CM391, SM152

This range of electronic gas burner control systems has
been designed specifically for atmospheric and fan assisted
burners for intermittent operation (systems for nonpermanent
operation ).

Supply Voltage: 230V-50/60Hz
Operating temperature range: -20°C +60°C
Ambient humidity: 95% max at 40°C
-Prepurge or waiting time (TW): 1,5/3/5/10/20/30/40 s
the waiting time for type SM152 is: 3/5/10/20/30/40 s
-Safety time (TS): 3/5/8/10/20/30/40/50/60 s
-Drop out time on running flame failure: < 1 s
The times given on the burner control label correspond to
the values guaranteed. The actual values differ slightly from
the values given, pre-purge and waiting times are in fact
longer and safety time shorter than their nominal values.
Power consumption, at starting up:
atmospheric burner 10 VA
atmospheric fan-assisted burner 12 VA
Power consumption, running:
atmospheric burner 7 VA
atmospheric fan-assisted burner 9 VA
Contact rating: I max
-Thermostat: 4 A cosö= 0.4
-EV1: 0.5 A cosö= 0.4
-EV2: 0.5 A cosö= 0.4
-EVG: 0.5 A cosö= 0.4
-Fan: 1 A cosö= 0.4
-Alarm: 0.5 A cosö= 1
-Auxiliary contact: 0.5 A cosö= 0.4
-External ignition: 1.5 A cosö= 0.2
Max. length of the cables of
external components: 1 m
Fuse rating internal: 4 A Fast
Fuse rating external: 3.15 A Fast

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